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We will handle your case, full service and long term. We do not rush to get a take a high number of cases and turn them over quickly, like a supermarket, does with merchandise for example.. We are a boutique. We give proper attention, take our time, both in making sure our clients have fully ascertained and treated their injuries, but, more importantly, in handling the case to its ultimate fruition. We do not take low offers, we do not drop cases, we do not give up. We take our cases on for the long haul, we fight with insurance companies, we file lawsuits, litigate and we go to trial. This ultimately pays dividends in higher case settlements, which, as your partner, also compensates us heartily and ensures our clients get the most money possible. Additionally, we work hard, which many lawyers do not, to reduce your medical bills, which ultimately gets our clients more money, makes them happy, and when clients are happy we get referrals.

This is our business model, it is different, and though it’s more work, its the best.

The best part? We charge you 33.3%, just like everyone else. The difference? We give, and get you more.

This involves:

Personally meeting every client

Clients have the partners’ cell phone numbers.

We do not subscribe to the high volume high turnover business model adhered to by most firms.

We handle all case negotiations personally, and do not hand oiver to case managers.

Because, as partners, our clients success is our success. Not only because of contingency fee agreement, but because 90% of our clients are obtained by referral.

Therefore, we have to always try our best, our REPUTATION is at stake in every case we handle and we know it. The best part is, we do more, get you more, and charge you the same. You get boutique quality for the same price, 33% as all other lawyers. And if they charge you less, you get what you pay for.